Fraud Prevention

March is Fraud Prevention Month. We don't typically think of romance and fraud together but romantic scams cost Canadian's millions of dollars each year. I know right?! The truth is, when you use online dating apps and websites, you become susceptible to online fraud. Check out video and read on for some tips to avoid being catphished:

  1. Do not share personal information over an app or online dating site and definitely do not share your financial details.
  2. Get off the app or online dating site asap and meet your date in person to ensure they're the real deal. If they seem avoidant, take it as a red flag.
  3. Note if someone seems to be out of the country a lot. While travelling isn't a problem, if they one day claim their accounts are frozen and start asking you for cash, something is definitely phishy!
  4. Also take note if someone lives out of town and starts asking for money. That is just as phishy!
  5. Try me instead. I vet and get to know all of my clients so when I set you up, you can be confident that you're meeting someone who is not only real, but who embodies what you are looking for in your ideal match.

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